Century and yoo

“This project interests me a lot because it’s about quality of life and the happiness of people who will live in this place, which will be so, so different. After finding the best location for the project, the local architect, and the best developer, Century Properties, we are now starting to work on creating a great and incredible vertical village. You will be proud to be part of this project which I have designed for you in the middle of Manila, Philippines.”

Philippe Starck

"This project will be the answer to design-conscious global citizens who have been looking for a space that will reflect their tastes and express their progressive lifestyles."

- Marco Antonio, Century Properties President and Chief Executive Officer

"This product is for buyers who want to live the lifestyle that they felt staying in London or in New York or the Royal Monsoon Hotel in Paris. For the first time in Manila, we are going to deliver something which people can feel everyday and that is the great thing about living in a designer space."

- Robbie Antonio, Century Properties Managing Director and Head of International Brand Collaborations