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Acqua Iguazu! Amazing name, isn't it?

Halloo there! I hope you all had a great holiday. Vince, Vito and I went on a little field trip just before Christmas and visited Acqua Private Residences. If you regularly drive on J.P. Rizal St. by the Pasig River, you'd have seen Acqua rising. It's opposite Rockwell Center, across the river, by the Estrella Bridge.

Well, right about now, the site looks like the photo above, but pretty soon there will be six towers, the most luxurious being Acqua Iguazu yoo inspired by Starck. Quite a mouthful! Famed designer Philippe Starck said blithely, "Ah-mezing name, eesn't eet?" Amazing name indeed!

Amazing looking, too. By the time the P1.3 billion development is done, it will be a landmark along Pasig—the buildings designed to look like mountains rising out of a thick rainforest, with waterfalls seemingly running down the facade, and a sun shining down on the complex at day and the moon glowing on it at night.

Iguazu is the tallest building, the rightmost, the one with the glowing orb. The interiors are designed by Starck and John Hitchcox to have three themes: Minimal, Nature and Culture. Since we observed that our toddler has a love for beautifully designed spaces, we brought him along to check out what he thinks of Acqua Iguazu.


I love how the Minimal is so clean and bright. An entire wall is made out of glass and leads out to the balcony, hence the flooding of light. Even if the space is small (about 36-39 sqm), the design makes it look roomy and cozy at the same time.


The Nature theme uses materials that are natural or simulates nature. You know, wood, stone. I loved this design best because even if it's like Minimal (light and airy), this design also feels sophisticated and elegant. Grown up. The artist's sketch above? The real thing is far better!

This is a 2-bedroom unit and all rooms have large glass walls that let in the glorious light. I love that each unit has a balcony, too.


This is the most dramatic of all. Rich textures, strong colors. It's really quite amazing. You have to see the real room to be swept away. Because of that glass wall and balcony, the whole unit is lit up so the dark furniture and dark walls don't feel oppressive at all. The bedrooms are sexy, too.

If you want to check out for yourself if Acqua Iguazu yoo inspired by Starck is your future home, set an appointment with Century Properties via (632)818-9041 or (0917)555-5274. You can also go to their website.

Source:| January 3, 2013

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