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Acqua Residences: Designed for Luck

Today, developers consider culture as a factor in the success of their projects, whether in aspects of aesthetics or esoteric beliefs. A wide array of elements, practical or otherwise, must conjoin to create the perfect residential development.

For instance, on the aspect of a property's location, the Feng Shui masters say that the Pasig River is an auspicious body of water. It's no wonder developers are slowly bringing their business to this flowing symbol of life. Thanks to Century Properties, a lucky number of Filipinos will get the chance to harness the luck that this ever flowing body of water brings.

The developer known for its premium residential developments is building Acqua Private Residences, a multi-tower residential development along the banks of the historic and regenerating river.

"Acqua Private Residences is our way of providing an enhanced way of life to Filipinos through its location and overall design," said Century Properties Co-Chief Operating Officer and Acqua Project Head Marco Antonio.

The entire community is adapting a tropical rainforest theme, specially created to offer residents an oasis in the middle of the city.

Water is a permeating element in the development. All of the Acqua towers are named after the most famous waterfalls in the world - Niagara, Sutherland, Dettifoss, Livingstone and Iguazu.

Century takes the condominium experience to a whole new level with three waterfalls flowing from the facade of Acqua's country club. Initially enhancing the structure's magnificence, it also gives this portion of the river a revitalized atmosphere.

Coincidentally, in Chinese Feng Shui, flowing water symbolizes good luck, and the three waterfalls resemble the Three Chinese Hawks, which stand for long life, happiness and prosperity.

The location could not indeed be any luckier. Launched only in 2011, the masterplanned community has already introduced its fifth tower, Acqua Iguazu yoo inspired by Starck, interior designed by the acclaimed firm founded by John Hitchcox and Philippe Starck.

Future residents will be happy to know that Acqua's other design aspects invite luck. Niagara, the first tower, is in the direction of the Prosperity Star. Units in the higher floors of Sutherland are suitable for those who are studying, as the tower faces the direction of the wisdom star.

Overall, this six-tower development is designed to gradually ascend towards the east - an auspicious direction, with Acqua Iguazu serving as the pinnacle. This manner of building design brings luck as it echoes the old quotation from Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu: "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

The property's central amenity is the 3,000-sqm Pebble, a Country Club by the Water equipped with a variety of facilities for wellness and recreational activities. To further drive the community's social and business activities, the 300-meter boardwalk called the Riverwalk Promenade will feature an array of restaurants, boutiques and cafes for both residents and visitors.

Add to this all the open space, abundant greenery, pocket and sky gardens within the towers and you have a self-sustaining community.

Source: Manila Bulletin| April 2, 2013

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